Our Hiring Process

Stage 1


Once we've reviewed your application, a member of our team will perform the initial review. If you're a potential match, we'll either schedule an initial interview or move you to the initial assessment stage. This depends largely on your experience, the position that you're applying for, and the manager you'd be reporting to. 
Stage 2

Initial Interview

This interview is typically conducted after you've passed the initial 2h assessment, but, in some situations, you might be asked to conduct another, lighter one before. This specific interview is meant to assess various skills required and fit with our SPICEy values!
Stage 3

Live Case Test with Project Leader (synchronous)

The test case is conducted in collaboration with a Project Leader, allowing for a real-time evaluation of your skills and expertise.
Stage 4

Take Home Case Test (asynchronous)

This is the final assessment - it consists of a longer task that is meant to evaluate how you'd perform on a hypothetical client project. Depending on the role, this might be done either asynchronously or during an interview. 
Stage 5

Final Interview

Last stage! The last interview will consist of a conversation with one of our TDL leaders (Director or Managing Director). We'll be looking to understand how you'd fit within TDL and learn more about you!  
Stage 6


Congratulations! At this stage, you'll receive your offer letter!